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Expedition in Nepal

Nepal is the destinaton place for expedition. our goal is to get as many members to the summit as possible & even more importantly return safely home. However, because of the nature of Everest Expedition, the highest and one of the more difficult mountains in the world, we cannot guarantee everything. We strive to conduct a safe, successful and enjoyable experience, and will do everything possible to achieve each of these goals.

After final preparations for the historic Everest Expedition in Kathmandu, we'll fly to Lukla and begin our teahouse trek up the Khumbu Valley to Everest Base Camp (E.B.C). We will establish our base camp at 5300m at the foot of the notorious Khumbu Icefall before making our way to Camp 01 at 6200m. We'll climb to Camp 02 at 6600m smacks in the middle of the Western Cwm, up the Lhotse face to Camp 03 at 7200m. Finally, we'll head up the South Col to Camp 04 at ~8000m before making our Everest summit push.

62 Days

Mt. Everest Expedition

The name ' Mount Everest' was named when Sir George Everest, the surveyor general of India from scaled the peak in1856. It was called Peak XV until before 1856. The height measurement of the peak was done through the Great Trigonometrically Survey in 1850.

55 Days

Mt. Lhotes Expedition

Mount Lhoste is the fourth highest mountain in the world with its height 8,516m. Lhotse, which means 'south peak', is a part of the Everest massif, lying just south to the Everest. Lhotse was climbed by a Swiss Expedition in 1956. Lhotse Shar, 8383m,

60 Days

Mt. Makalu Expedition

Makalu, the fifth highest peak in the world is situated in the heart of the eastern Himalayas. There are seven valleys radiating from mount Makalu. These valleys, particularly the Barun valley, are the home of pristine forests and alpine meadows of Nepal. 

38 Days

Mt. Cho-Oyu Expedition

The name Mount Cho Oyu is called 'Goddess of Turquoise'. As goddess is 'chomo' in Tibetan language and turquoise is 'yu'. Hence, 'Chomo Yu' has changed into Cho Oyu in course of changing civilization generation after generation. It is also reported that

36 Days

Mt. Shisapangma Expedition

Its Sanskrit name is "Gosainthan". Reinhold Messner called it "an exquisite apparition". Indeed, it is emerging out of the earth-brown Tibetan plateau a solitary snow goddess rearing its not-so-ugly head out to be admired. It was first climbed by H. Ching

30 Days

Mt. Amadablam Expedition

Pyramid shaped Mount Amadablam (6812m.), located to the south of Everest and Lhotse, characterized by vertical walls and sharp exposed ridges is renowned for its incredible beauty. The peak stands above Thayangboche monastery on the way to Everest

56 Days

Mt. Annapurna Expedition

The word ' Annapurna' is composed of two words 'anna' and 'purna', meaning "filled with food". It has also got its naming roots with goddess 'Durga', the Hindu Divine Mother, aboard of Lord Shiva, etc. Strictly closed till 1948, Annapurna region-8,091m.,

33 Days

Mt. Pumori Expedition

Situated in Khumbu region, the pyramid shaped 23,495 ft. peak, Mt. Pumori dominates the skyline behind Kala Pataar (19,000 ft). The name of the peak was named "Pumori" by George Leigh Mallory, apparently means "Unmarried Daughter" in the Sherpa

53 Days

Mt. Nuptse Expedition

Situated in the Khumbu Himal just south-west of Mount Everest, Mount Nuptse I (7855m) was first ascended by British national-Dennis Davis and Nepali national- Sherpa Tashi on the north-ridge (Scott-route) on May 16, 1961. The peak appears as a massive

47 Days

Mt. Dhaulagiri Expedition

Mount Dhaulgiri (8,167m) is coined from the Sanskrit word ' Dhavala Giri', meaning White Mountain. It is the seventh highest peak in the world. This mountain is one of the true jewels of the Himalayas. While Cho Oyu is touted by many as an easy 8000er,

39 Days

Mt. Baruntse Expedition

Baruntse peak (7,129m) is one of the beautiful snow-capped peaks of Nepal above 7,000m. The peak lies in the heart of the Khumbu massif to the west of Makalu Mountain. It is also one of the few peaks of this height in the world with a high rate of success

57 Days

Mt. Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world with its majestic height-8,586m. is mystery in itself. There are different versions of different scholars on its name. It is said that it is derived from Sanskrit word 'Kancan Jangha' meaning "golden thigh". 

54 Days

Mt. Manaslu Expedition

The survey of Mount Manaslu (8163m.) was conducted by a Japanese expedition team for the first time in 1952 and it was first ascended by a Japanese expedition in 1956 but the photograph of the peak was first arrested by HW Tillman and Jimmy Roberts 

36 Days

Mt. Kangtega Expedition

Nepal is a Himalayan country where hundreds of Peaks do welcome for those people who wants to adventure. Mt. Kangtega is one of the famous peak which lies on the center north of Nepal at the bottom of the Kangtega Ice-Fall, which resembles

51 Days

Mt. Gyachung Kang Expedition

The fifteenth highest peak in the world, Mount Gyachung Kang is situated in the Khumbu region. It is regarded as the highest peak between Cho Oyu (8,201m) and Mount Everest (8,850m). It was first climbed in 1964 by Y. Kato, K. Sakaizawa and Pasang

33 Days

Mt. Langtang Lirung Expedition

The snow-capped Langtang Himal massif, which can be seen clearly from the capital valley of Kathmandu, is one of the beautiful mountains in Nepal. The massif is situated in the Langtang Trekking Region, which is the third most popular trekking regions

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