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Far West Region Trekking Packages

The far-west Nepal is totally distinct from other parts of the country. Treks in this particular region are unique in the sense that one can enjoy the unspoilt natural beauty as well as different lifestyles and cultures of the local people. As the region is less developed and less accessible, fewer facilities are available for trekkers. So, trekking in the area is of much more of an exploration type. Trekkers need to get prepared for some delays and other hardships. Trekking in the region is relatively more expensive as compared to other areas. This is mainly due to its remoteness.

As mentioned earlier, the region is interesting even from the point of view of eth nic culture. The ethnic group found in the northern parts of the region, especially in Dolpo, belongs to the people of Tibetan origin. Many other ethnic communities like Magars, Gurungs, and the people following Hinduism also live in the region.

Apart from the scenic beauty and green forests and valleys, the region is home to a number of species of wildlife such as leopard, Himalayan Tahr and blue sheep.

The region has a lot of trekking routes. Some of the popular ones include Dolpo, Simikot and Lake Rara. Considering the weather and climatic conditions, spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) are the best trekking seasons. However, the northern parts are also suitable for summer treks. Since the region has not been developed to cater to independent trekkers, trekkers are recommended to visit the region in groups. They are required to be self-sufficient in terms of food, accommodation and health.

13 Days

Api Himal Trek

The 7,132-metre Api Himal is considered as the highest mountain of far-west Nepal. The trekking region is quite remote and untoched. Until now, very few tourists have visited the region. The real wilderness of the Nature can be experienced along this trail.

17 Days

Rara Lake Trek

Surrounded by verdant alpine meadows and steep densely forested ridges abundant with wildlife. The lake is stunningly beautiful, with unbelievably tranquility, a paradise untouched. The region around Jumla and Rara Lake is still relatively unexplored.

26 Days

Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is located inside the Shey Phoksundo National Park of mid-western Nepal, behind the North side of the Dhaulagiri massif towards the Tibetan plateau.Cut off by a series of very high passes, closed by snow most of the year, Dolpo remains truly an isolated

20 Days

Lower Dolpo Trek

The area located in the central west of Nepal the focal point of the area is the Shey-Phoksundo National park. Lower dolpa offers a wonderful chance to experience a landscape and culture far different from that seen in other parts of Nepal. The least complicated 

24 Days

Limi Valley Trek

Lying on the North West corner of Nepal, Limi is the only one west east isolated valley extending from one Border Himalayan pass (Hilsa) to another pass (Chang La) between Nepal and Tibet. The longest river of Nepal, Humla Karnali enters Nepal border 

20 Days

Caravan Trek

Lying midway between the Tibetan Plateau and the Dhaulagiri Himal is one of the highest inhabited Plateaus on earth - Dolpo. Geographically a Southern extension of Tibet, it lies within the borders of the kingdom of Nepal and, since 1984 has been the country's

17 Days

Jumla Trek

Dolpa became part of Nepal 200 years ago when the Gurkhas gained control over the region. Ties of blood and religion made the district a natural refuge for Tibetans who fled the Communist Chinese ‘liberation’ of Tibet in 1959. Within Dolpa’s ring of massive mountains live

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