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Why Travel with Us

Agile Adventure Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. believes in quality service. We are committed to provide a unique vacation experience that will cherish in the rest of your life and keep you coming back to us year after year. We make certain promises to you and we live up to them. No surprises and no hidden extras. We do not do different things but we do differently. We differ with other trekking and travel companies due to the following reasons:

Trained & Skilled Staff

Our guides can speak English fluently and are well trained and skilled. They are well known about the physical setting of Nepal. They give first priority to health, security and hygiene before doing anything else. They believe in quality rather than quantity.


We are always serious of environmental preservation and its sustainable use. We discourage damaging the fragile Himalayan ecology while in Nepal. We prefer using renewable sources of energy. Besides, we never take a big group while in adventurous activities like trekking, mountaineering, expedition, etc. Our major focus on our operations is promoting sustainable tourism. We have strict operational guidelines for our leaders to follow. We are involved with clean-up campaigns at the places where we operate our activities. We are also actively involved in a number of small specific projects in many regions. We are always striving to establish and secure our position as the leader of sustainable tourism or responsible tourism promoter in Nepal. Besides, Agile Adventure love pioneering new routes and destinations. We also prioritize to pioneer an age of ethical tourism by employing local leaders, celebrating the biological and cultural diversity of our world and protecting them for the future.

Cost Effective

We are committed in competitive, fixed and fair cost. Our prices remain same to all. We don’t believe in cheating. We do our best to make your trip a lifetime memorable and comfortable.

Social Service

We believe in social service. We always give something back to the areas where we are operating our activities. Wherever we work, we facilitate the local community. We want to ensure tourism benefits local communities, rather than exploiting them. Besides, we support a number of national and local charity organisations, particularly where they have the infrastructure to undertake specific campaigns.

Quality Service

We never compromise in quality. Everything is carefully planned and arranged. We provide modern and well checked equipments. Our staff are always there to guide you which would facilitate to make your trip comfortable, memorable and success. We believe our role in helping people celebrate wilderness and wildlife may be the most powerful contribution we make. Our ample years of experience has made us aware in offering adventurous experiences without making our clients embarrassed. In particular, due consideration is given on quality accommodation, transport and equipments. Precisely, with the genuine feedback of clients from every tour and close communication with our staff, we constantly monitor the quality of our operations and adopt necessary measures for further improvement.

Small Group Arrangement

We believe in ‘small is beautiful’. Hence, we always focus on arranging small groups so that we could offer a constant choice of small group activities within the larger group.

Our group members do not exceed more than fifteen fellow travellers. This is small enough to avoid making a negative impact on the places you go and the people you meet, but large enough to have a good time with other travellers from around the globe.

Prompt Response & Recreation

At Agile Adventure, we focus on providing prompt response as far as possible. No one has to wait for longer period to get information. Besides, while on trekking in the Himalayas, we meet people, absorb the countryside and make fascinating personal discoveries. The fundamental difference to be with us is that you immerse yourself more in the destination and are personally involved with the success of your holiday.

Stress Free Travel

Our prime concern is your freedom enjoyment. We also focus on taking the hassles and tedium out of travelling for you, so you can focus on the scenes around you. We receive you at the airport upon arrival. Accommodation and transportation is taken care of.

Cultural Sensitivity

Respecting local culture is our major aim. There is no denying the fact that culture differ from one race of people to another. Cultural differences may arise while we are travelling. However, our local leaders are always there to explain the local culture and tradition which would dramatically increase opportunities to immerse with the locality and provide many of the mysteries to the travellers.


Our experiences have constantly refined our operational procedures and helped improving our approach to your safety and security. In case of emergency instances, our procedures are fast and effective. We are proud to say that our leaders are all trained in first aid and crisis management. Top priority is given on food preparation and hygiene. We carry first aid kits on all tours. If our clients fall sick in high-altitude treks, first aid will be provided initially. If first aid does no work, we take the patient to the nearby hospital or health post for check-up.

Proudly Associated with:

  • Nepal Tourism Board
  • Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal
  • NMA
  • Nepal Government

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